Your Positive Podcast PERFECT COFFEE BLOOM show #14.

Your Positive Podcast PERFECT COFFEE BLOOM show #14.

A burst of upbeat entertainment to improve your life by using good vibes to crush greed, fear, and hate.

This is Dan Place with way to much to fit into today’s show, lets get at it.

Today we explore a YouTube video.

Enjoy Remi’s trivia, and throw the Laughing skull dice game.

Today’s YouTube video review How to make a perfect coffee bloom.

I wonder would this work with cocoa?

The final statement………it’s Truly fancy coffee.


This weeks KEY positive quote it’s number 6. A good mood is contagious, so spread it!!!

Take the time to slow down today for a moment, think about someone’s need for a kind word. Remember take it slow.

In martial arts we often say “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” Think about what you say that is positive, then act.

Don’t just act…….feel.

Drew Carey, born May 23,1958, is best known for his funny humor starring in the wonderful Drew Carey Show from 1995-2004.

Graduating from high school in 1975. He then served his country as a Corporal in the UNITED STATES MARINE.

Once a Marine always a Marine.

Host of two of the biggest money games in TV history:

Now the trivia question can you name all the game shows has he been on or hosted?

2003 “Pepsi Play For A Billion”

Power of 10 show from 2007 to 2008.

Whose line is it anyway?  1998-2007.

Host of “The Price is Right”
2007- present

Be prepared for Drew to pull another of his famous April fool tricks on us again this year. And don’t be shocked if he becomes an avid Chicago Bears fan, as they are rebuilding.

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Welcome to throw the laughing skull dice game using the Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario.
I am required to relate the answer to the scenario and once a month i can use a re-roll. This is a true test of positivity. I must

Who can this help?
How can this help?
When will this help?
Where will this help?

negative scenario this week is >>>>>> i just broke my new phone?. …..Help me positive podcast laughing skull dice game ….what do I do?

This is Dan Place saying please join me in fighting against greed, fear, and hate, using entertaining, life changing, free good moods.

Today’s thought-provoking history , art, Encourage, Entertaining, Help people, Stop Hating Silver 2017, life changing, music, Pass the time while you drive, Play the “Spin the positive wheel game”, your free good mood, please check out your positive , And we use Skull Splitter 100 sided dice.A burst of upbeat entertainment to improve your life by using good vibes to crush greed, fear, and hate.