Best ever in Octagon show # 8

Best ever in Octagon show # 8. This is Dan Place , and welcome to your positive podcast. With way to much to fit into today’s show, lets get at it. Today we explore and review a YouTube video and spin the positive answer wheel game. Play Remi’s history riddle game and throw the Laughing skull, dice game. Entertaining, life changing, your free good mood show.

Welcome to the positive answers wheel game. Where we take a difficult question and try to solve it with our 32 random positive answers. Can a random positive answer do the job?

This weeks question is, you have had a health concern that’s getting you down what might help you stay positive?

Let’s play Remi’s history riddle game where we go back in time for some thought-provoking history.

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A few clues might be intentionally wrong or misleading to slow down those who are incredibly smart.

First clue is…His name is “Carlos”, he was named after a minister. His childhood was mired in crippling introversion and he was nonathletic. He was a very shy young man.

Check out this weeks podcast for all the clues and answer. Best ever in the Octagon show #8.

Welcome to throw the laughing skull dice game using the Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario.
I am required to relate the answer to the scenario and once a month i can use a re-roll. This is a true test of positivity.
I must answer: Who can this help?
When will this help?
Where will this help?

Negative scenario this week is >>>>>> I am having a boring day and i am feeling kinda lonely…

This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

 your positive your positive

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