How to be happy with yourself show #4.

How to be happy with yourself show #4.

Welcome to your positive podcast, entertaining, life changing, your free good mood. I’m Dan Place. With way to much to fit in today’s show let’s…

. Discuss and review a positive YouTube video
. Go back in time for some thought-provoking history.
. Play the “Spin the positive answers wheel game”.
. Throw the skull Splitter die game.

This weeks goal: Allow yourself to unwind, with art, music, this podcast, or maybe a movie. Lose yourself in it.
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Let’s now play the “Spin the positive answers wheel game”. we have 32 positive answers written down and we ask an important life question and see if a random positive comment can be a great answer.

Some say this answer wheel couldn’t hit a bull in the head with a handful of corn. I’m not so sure…really, how hard can it be to be positive. Let’s spin and find out if it works.
Question for today is: How to be happy with yourself?

The answer on the positive answers wheel is ………..
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The year in history August, 1997 Netflix is started in California.

My friends kept telling me from about 2013 to 2017 how great it was and I ignored them.

It turns out that subscribing was a great choice for me because now I have maybe 6 years worth of Longmire episodes to binge watch.

Since I started the “NETFLIX” journey, it’s been great.

Check out life below zero if you like outdoors stuff in harsh cold.

The movie selection is way massive.

And If you are a modern day cowboy, like me, Longmire is a must see for Netflix newbies.

Would be awesome if they had a cooking competition show like TOP CHEF.

Would also like to see something like Restaurant Impossible.

Wow my stomach is growling.

NETFLIX, thanks so much for the awesome TV entertainment.

Oh and as an after thought if you have never tried ROKU give it a look.

.————————————————————   Surprise bonus game using Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario, you are late and run out of gas what should you do? Lets see what happens rolling the Skull Splitter.     ———————————————————-

Thanks for listening Dan Place.

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Your positive podcast .com Skull Splitter

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