Show #40 Mayo and processed cheese 10-14-2018.

Show #40 Mayo and processed cheese 10-14-2018.

We need to discuss Mayo and processed cheese slices my opinion.

But first isn’t it awesome that so many people are excited to join in voting this year. That’s Great 🙂

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I love the taste of Sartori Reserve Merlot Bellavitano cheese.

Having said that I must confess I love going into my Frig and grabbing a slice of American cheese.

Delicious, convenient, and totally retro. Minimalist wrapped cheese slices yum.

And I’m sorry to say that complex oil mixes and formulaic spice arrays seem to confuse a baloney sandwich in ways Mayo never would. Add a slice of KRAFT or VELVEETA cheese and you have simple perfection.

When I watch some competition Chefs with there strange fluid smears on a bubbly plate of oil……and the floating sticks and weeds…what a mess….YUCKY.

It makes me want to race to my microwave and make some, perfect every time, Macaroni and Cheese in 3 1/2 minutes.

Quit being artificially pretentious and come back to a more simple food.

You never hear me saying a baloney sandwich with the proper amount of Mayo needs more salt.

And for the highest, discerning taste buds, add a handful of chips and a chocolate milk.

Perfect for watching a cartoon.

Show #40 Mayo and processed cheese 10-14-2018.

This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

This weeks positive quote: 80% of Bananas will never face a hungry monkey.

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