Deep Refined Audio Pleasure show #5

Deep Refined Audio Pleasure show #5

Your positive podcast, entertaining, life changing, your free good mood.
I’m Dan Place. With way to much to fit in today’s show let’s…

. Discuss and review a YouTube video
. Play the “Spin the positive answers wheel game”. With a Business question.
. REMI’s history riddle game.
. Throw the skull dice game. look out for the negative scenario question. YouTube video link that I reviewed.

Let’s now play the “Spin the positive answers wheel game”. we have 32 positive answers written down and we ask an important life question and see if a random positive comment can be a great answer.

Some say this answer wheel couldn’t hit a bull in the head with a handful of corn. I’m not so sure…really, how hard can it be to be positive. Let’s spin and find out if it works.
Question for today is: Considering the long term challenge of owning your own small business, how are you going to “ROCK” today?

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Surprise bonus game using Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario. Today’s question is, Forced to deal with living in your parents basement?

Thanks for listening Dan Place. Deep Refined Audio Pleasure

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