Show #39 MARKERS, LOTTERY, AND YOU 10-7-2018.


Commentary on what size markers I use and that I use dry erase for most things….

I have 4 white boards?

Did you ever wonder how felt markers are made?

They make different shapes and sizes and colors.

what are dry erase markers made of?

what are permanent ones made of?

Finally they box all the felt markers take them to the store and sell them to us.

Now lets pretend you just won the lottery for 100 million dollars after taxes.

Let’s jump right in and have some fun using Modern Positivity.

Have you ever thought if only I could win the lottery things would be better.

Winning would solve all your problems.

How about setting straight your finances so you never have to worry about money again?

how about helping people with winnings from the lottery, you could pick and choose who to help.

You could even make a poor person rich by your generosity.

Think about it you don’t need all that money, or maybe you do?

They didn’t play so why do they deserve to win.

Let them eat cake.

People, like you better, when you are wealthy.

Maybe you could keep the winnings to make sure you have control over every aspect of your life.

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This weeks positive quote: 80% of Bananas will never face a hungry monkey.