Your Positive Podcast Deer steals Smokes show #12.

Your Positive Podcast Deer steals Smokes show #12.

This is Dan Place , and welcome to your positive podcast. Entertaining, life changing, your free good mood. With to much to fit in today’s show, let’s go!

Today we review a video on YouTube, spin the positive answer wheel game, enjoy Remi’s Trivia, and throw Skull Splitter Dice.

I will try to improve, in my humble opinion, your life using one of our 7 positive steps in the next 30 seconds.

Positive point #7: Allow yourself to unwind, with art, music, this podcast, or maybe a movie. Lose yourself in it.
My quote is this : “You will never discover a shortcut traveling the same path” Dan Place.

Today’s video review ” Attacking Deer steals Smokes.” video on YouTube.

Lets play the “Spin the positive wheel game”. Where we take a difficult question and try to solve it with our 32 random positive answers. Can a random positive answer do the job? Let’s find out.

Problem: What do do if your stuck in the woods overnight?

Remi’s History challenge Trivia twice today. Trivia: Young people who changed the world.

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moving on. Your Positive Podcast Deer steals Smokes show #12.

Now its time for the laughing skull dice game using the Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario.
I am required to relate the answer to the scenario and once a month i can use a re-roll. This is a true test of positivity. I must

Who can this help?

Negative scenario this week is >>>>> I got a parking ticket. But I don’t have any money to pay it…….Help me positive podcast laughing skull dice game ….what do I do?

This is Dan Place, thanks for listening and have a great weekend. Your Positive Podcast Deer steals Smokes show #12.

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