CAT IN TINY BOX. show #23.


Improving your life with Modern Positivity.

This is Dan Place with way too much to fit into today’s show, lets get at it.

Today we explore a YouTube video about a CAT IN TINY BOX.

Enjoy Remi’s trivia, and throw the Laughing skull dice game.

Today’s YouTube video review It’s an inspiring CAT IN TINY BOX video.

This weeks KEY positive quote it’s 3.Remember, it’s not just you going through this, you are not alone.

Definitely a good spot to use humor and I have for you a true gold nugget.

Smart phone booster antenna. (you will need to listen to podcast for this)

What is the real name of these animals?

1. Beach Chicken

2. Dirty Needle

3. Arrow Pig

4. Winter tree dog

5. Nope Rope

6. Wobble Stick

7. Leather tank

8. Freedom Glider

9. Majestic sea flap flap remembering wonderful Steve Irwin.


Trivia game is Princess approved. For trivia answers listen to the podcast.

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Welcome to throw the laughing skull dice game using the Skull Splitter 100 sided polyhedral die the question is using a negative scenario.
I am required to relate the answer to the scenario and once a month i can use a re-roll. This is a true test of positivity. I must answer

Who can this help?
How can this help?
When will this help?
Where will this help?

Negative scenario this week is “I am always late to hanging with friends or work.” Help me positive podcast laughing skull dice game …. what do I do?

This is Dan Place saying please join me in Modern Positivity thanks for listening.

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